EuroBSDcon is an event where users of the various BSDs can meet and learn about new developments in the BSD (-derived) operating systems. We aim for a friendly, cooperative and inclusive environment, which makes for a great experience for everybody involved. Our visitors come from all over the world, and they all have different customs and traditions; please keep this in mind, and consider Jon Postel's Law: try to be forgiving about what you see, hear and experience, and careful in what you say and do.

However, it is our collective responsibility to ensure that everybody feels welcome. So as a visitor, you should feel personally responsible too, meaning that when you experience or witness behavior that goes against the spirit of the event, you should speak up: ask whomever engaged in the behavior to stop, explain to them why and suggest they apologize. If the behavior persists, or if you feel uncomfortable speaking out publicly, please contact the Code of Conduct team (Paul de Weerd and Kristof Provost; both with the power to act, granted by the board) in person or via email so they can take appropriate measures.

Photo of Paul de Weerd

Let's make this another fantastic BSD conference, have fun and learn something new!